ZenI love the fresh feeling that comes with the new year. It’s a time to refocus, adjust and change. One of my favorite things to do with the start of the new year is to clean out the spaces that I live the most in–home, work, car. I’ve got a few “mantras” that get me moving in the right direction each time I start anew. Do you have your own? Please share!

1. Doubles Are Trouble (So are Triples, Quadruples…): You don’t need 2 pizza cutters or 4 pairs of tweezers. Donate the duplicates!

2. Transfering Clutter Just Leads To More Clutter: Don’t bury the office just to save the family room. If you’re going to clean out, really do it and be sure to not just push the mess around.

3. Start And Finish Before Moving On: Don’t jump from room to room, it will only create more stress. Start with one place and finish it–all the way–then move on!

4. One In, One Out: When something new comes in to your home, make sure something else leaves it!

5. Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off And Start All Over Again. Organizing Is A Circle, Not a Straight Line. Roll With It! (This came from a magazine, House Beautiful. I wrote it down when I read it first and remind myself of this very true statement all the time!)


Photo Courtesy of http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Zen_07289_nevit.jpg

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