The brilliant thing about brilliant people is that they are rarely afraid of change. It’s easy to read about and admire the constant innovators and leaders out there and wish for the same success in your own life. It’s also easy to, when looking at your own life and job, decide that things are not lined up in the ways that would make the same type of success possible for you. If this seems like a relevant conversation you’ve had with yourself, you are missing the point!

If you can’t find an answer to a problem, stop searching so hard. Blow the whole thing up. Look through someone else’s perspective. Search for inspiration anywhere. If it has not been done before, don’t be afraid of it. Change doesn’t always equal success but it certainly gives you better odds. If your organization is facing a challenge and it seems there’s no good solution, the people leading could be wishing the world is different than it really is. Allocate your time to create the future because the people who are changing the world certainly aren’t just living with good enough.

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