Brands Were Listening At The #MacysParade

Brands Were Listening At The #MacysParade

I found a perch–literally, a perch–atop a city bike rack during the Macy’s Parade in NYC yesterday. At a super cool 5 foot 3, I have spent most of my life looking at people’s armpits during crowded events so yesterday’s view of the parade was the foremost reason for my excitement.

Perch Macys Parade

But another really exciting thing occurred as I stood on my post yesterday, snapping pictures of the infamous Thanksgiving parade balloons and posting to Instagram. I was posting with #MacysParade and post by post, I realized, some brands were listening. Duck Dynasty, Cirque Du Soleil, New York Source…

Did every brand that participated in the parade take advantage of the more relevant than ever social media opportunity? Not even close. But the ones that did gained my attention. They showed that they were listening to the fans. They were willing to interact. In the small gesture of a ♥ on Instagram, they loved their fans back.

I really get excited by those that seize the day.

Macys Parade

Ways To Be Remarkable


They say it’s the little things that matter. We’re staying at a Kimpton hotel in NYC and they get it. Yesterday, at the front desk, I noticed Hanukkah cookies in the shape of a Menorah. The weather was cold and rainy and as we left for dinner, we were given an umbrella by the hotel to take with us. When we returned late in the evening, the sign in the front lobby had been changed to welcome our dog, Oreo.

In reality, yesterday was one of the busiest travel days of the year. The weather was messy and the hotel lobby was flooded with travelers checking in. The hotel had plenty of other “priority” tasks at hand like preparing rooms and getting guests settled in. But they get it. Good is not memorable, it’s just expected. Because they went the distance with the little details, they’ve created a remarkable experience and set themselves apart.

As Tom Ray of Jim Doyle and Associates says, “there’s not a lot of traffic on the extra mile.” It’s the little things that make the difference– the little, unique details. What extra efforts could you focus on that would make someone else’s life a bit sweeter?


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Quick. Where’s Your Phone?

Fund My iPhone

Where’s your phone? Check your back pocket. On the desk you’re sitting at? Maybe it’s in your hands because you’re reading this right now on it. Chances are, you know exactly where your phone is and it’s pretty close to you right now.

Now look around you (unless you’re alone…your cat doesn’t qualify as not being alone). If you are around people, what are many of them doing? Once again, I’m hedging my bets on the fact that many of the people around you have their hands on their phones as well. They’re texting or fitting in a quick session of “Candy Crush.” Or maybe they’re checking emails. Or posting a selfie to Instagram. Or tweeting.

There are over 325 million mobile subscriptions in the US alone. Are you thinking about marketing in the mobile space yet?

  1. 1. Mobile ads perform 4 to 5 times better than online ads for key metrics such as brand favorability, awareness and purchase intent. (Neilson)
  2. 70 percent of mobile searches lead to action within one hour. (MobileMarketer)
  3. Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons. (Go Mobile)
  4. The Weather Channel gets 600% to 700% higher click-through rates on mobile display ads over desktop banners. (MobileMarketer)
  5. In 2013, mobile phones have overtaken PCs as the most common web access devices worldwide. (Gartner)
  6. 42% of people on tablets use them at the same time they’re also watching TV. (Nielson)
  7. 74% of people use their mobile phone while shopping. 79%  of that group make a purchase as a result of their search. (MobileMarketer)

As Seen On…YouTube?!

As Seen On YouTube

I picked up the newest magic hair contraption at Target, which promises the easiest way to twist hair in to a bun. Typical packaging. As Seen on T–Wait…As Seen On YouTube? If you needed more proof that marketing has forever changed, look no further.  There are over 6 billion hours of video watched every month on YouTube. That equates to about an hour for every person on Earth. And that’s 50% more than in 2012!

Does this mean that television advertising can no longer effective? Absolutely not! It just has to be done differently. All bets are off when it comes to new marketing.  Brands have an even bigger opportunity with television advertising to make a message resonate…as long as they commit to the off-air conversation just as much as the on-air message.

The challenge: marketers and agencies are going to have to dig deep and change the mind-set of what advertising really means today. Consumers are dictating what they want and marketers need to be listening and adapting quickly. TV and Digital campaigns need to blend organically and as this happens, the room for successful campaigns will grow (in a viral way).

Brand Your Business Facebook URL

Did you know that you can customize your Facebook Fan Page URL? If you have more than 25 Fans, you should take advantage of this. 

Choose carefully though–you can only customize your page’s web address one time.

Why does this even matter? By adding a username to your page, your business can be more easily found on Facebook. Not to mention that it’s far more memorable to use your branded URL when marketing your site! 

Did You Know? You can use the shortcut “” instead of typing out “” … helpful in sharing the link and keeping it short!

Facebook Example of No Custom URL

(Example of a Facebook Page with no custom URL)


Facebook Custome URL

(Example of a Facebook Page with custom URL)








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