There's No Better Day Than TodayI usually try to start the week out with positive words. Today, my encouragement comes from a different angle. Here are 3 things to consider quitting, before you look back and realize you should have long ago.

Quit Saying “Tomorrow”

You know the saying “There’s no day like today?” It’s true. Delaying something for a better time to do it rarely is the answer. For things that are truly important, we have to make time. And for those things that we keep putting off even though we say we really want them–typically, it’s because we’re either scared of the way it will change our lives, afraid we might fail, or we don’t completely believe in the reason for doing it in the first place (i.e. you’re doing it because someone else wants you to).

You’re right, committing to a plan to work your way of debt is going to be tough work and it definitely isn’t going to happen overnight. And putting yourself out there to find a new job that meets your needs is going to have its ups and downs and you likely are going to experience some disappointment before you land the right one. But every day that you wait for tomorrow is another day that you’re not helping yourself. Start now and chip away at the hard work that will get you to your goal.

By the way, you’re not going to be in any better shape to start going to the gym again tomorrow. You may think another day or two of “healthy” eating will get you there…but is that really what you’re doing?

Quit Avoiding Discomfort

We all have things we have to do in life that aren’t fun or make us uncomfortable. That’s just life. But putting those things off doesn’t really provide any relief in the long run. Stop putting things off because they are difficult, boring or even physically challenging to get done. Just do it. The feeling of accomplishment comes from doing things both big and small.


Quit Playing The Victim Role

If you tell yourself (or even worse, others) that you are doing something because you “have no choice,” stop immediately. Perhaps it’s easier to believe that but you have a choice in everything you do. Aside from a few really rare exceptions, no one is actually holding your feet to the fire on anything. Quit being a victim of your own circumstances.

You do not have to remain in a job that leaves you drained and feeling worthless. The economy is not forcing you to stay. You do not have to stay in an abusive relationship–for anyone. And it’s not your demanding schedule that prevents you from making healthy choices.

Of course, we can’t ever predict the path our lives will take and things happen beyond our control sometimes. It’s okay to be open and discuss this with our friends and loved ones but there is a point where this type of lamenting (or complaining) stops being helpful and becomes a crutch–the very reason we feel we can do no better.

The choices may not always be obvious, but even responding to advice with the words “I can’t” is a choice that you make to remain a victim. At some point, you need to ask yourself if you even really want a change. And if you do, find a way.



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