“Don’t let today’s disappointment cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dream.” -Unknown


It‘s amazing differently life turns out versus how we envision it will be. Have you ever thought back to your life a few years before, a year before, maybe even just months before, and felt astonished by how much has changed? This is an incredibly powerful insight when faced with things out of our control. Failure is not an end, it is simply a new perspective and incredibly, if we are aware, it can open many doors. 

Things rarely play out as we envision and failure is a part of the process; it will always be there along the way. Here are five things to think about when facing the challenge of disappointment. 

  1. Determine your own definition of success and failure. 

  2. Focus on the process, not the results.

  3. Learn from it. Make changes to your process and open your mind to new ways. 

  4. It’s not always personal, sometimes things are just beyond our control. 

  5. Move forward. Failure can open new doors. Walk through them. 

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a map to the future. No one can tell us definitively how to live our lives in order to achieve certain success and our lives are shaped and changed every minute of everyday. Failure and disappointment are inevitable. It is how we choose to deal with them that will determine our success. 


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