balanceFeeling out of balance? This time of year, it’s easy to let one area of importance in our lives give way to other obligations and focuses.

When you’re feeling this way, take five minutes to write a list of the things you can do to help you regain your balance.

Here are five of my favorites.

  1. Sleep. One of the first things to go when life gets busy is sleep. It’s not worth it. Well-rested people are more productive and quite honestly, nicer to be around.
  2. Let go. We spend a lot of time in the past. Are there things that you are holding on to that you could let go of? Forgiveness helps you move forward.
  3. Go outside. The weather is cold and the season is busy so were far less likely to get those extra minutes of the great outdoors in. But just a little bit of fresh air and vitamin D can go a long way in changing your perspective.
  4. Ask for help. There’s no award for doing it all yourself, especially if you trade your sanity to do so.
  5. Sometimes, quitting is your best option. Back in the summer, I decided to train for a marathon this fall. I’ve run them before and the training makes for a long, challenging 12 weeks. But I quickly realized that my obligations at work and in the community weren’t going to allow for the same commitment that I usually give to a marathon season. So, I quit. I decided that this was not my year and I moved on. Instead of beating myself up about it, I vowed to let it go and concentrate on the things that we’re more important at the moment.
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