Lets talk about the guy on the sidewalk yielding that big $5 Extra Large Cheese Pizza, Hot and Ready Now at Little Caesar’s sign.

Little Caesar’s = cheap, ready immediately, no delivery.

There’s really no point in TV advertising because those piping hot, mouth-watering images onscreen make me want to pick up the phone and order pizza to my door. Radio, maybe ill catch an ad while in the car but I’m likely listening to satellite. New media? Social media? The digital toolbox of tools? Stick with the free stuff and if it’s done well, it won’t hurt.

But, when I’m sitting at the light in the car, on my way home and hungry, I look up because something’s moving on the sidewalk that catches my eye. And there it is. The sign that tells me I can pick up pizza, quickly, and for less than a Venti Caramel Latte at Starbucks.

There are more ways than ever to reach a customer which makes it even more critical now to analyze how your marketing and your customer line up.

Little Caesar’s has it right, for now. You can’t be everything to everybody and you can’t be everywhere. Figure out where your most likely customer is, and put yourself in view.

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