Recently, a colleague at a sister station told me about his first day on the job with our company. It was about some really valuable advice he had gotten. It inspired me and I hope it does the same for others.

For the record, I am not quoting him verbatim. I am recording my recollection of his story and passing it along.

It was day one of the new job and there was a conference call with the boss this morning. Feeling new and facing the unknown, the expectations of the call were high and full of nerves.

Instead, the call lasted just minutes.

“Did you get your family settled in? Are you happy to be back in the area?”

And then, lastly, the most valuable piece of advice.

“You’re here for a reason. Just don’t go out there and try to be something you’re not.”

The advice was perfectly timed, he told me, as just moments before he sat in his office trying to figure out how to be just that–something that he wasn’t so he could quickly assimilate and please the team.

What’s incredible to me about this revelation, is that he is one of the most unique people I know. It would never occur to me that he could ever be anything other than authentic. And it’s an affirmation that the decision to fit in or go your own road is something that everyone faces.

I can’t think of a single remarkable leader who followed someone else’s path in order to fit in.

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