NutsMarketing has changed. The old way was to run ads that would be seen by as many people as possible so that the people would make a decision based on those ads. Thank goodness, the old way is dead. Now we chose who to talk to. Instead of trying to convince everyone, we can talk to the people who are already likely to listen. 

The new way requires us to know who we want to talk to. 


Do not say Adults Ages 25-49. That is not a who. That’s agency speak and a generalized 25 year “demo” won’t get you any closer to reaching the right people than randomly picking people from Times Square in NYC. The more you can focus, the more successful your marketing will be. Who are you speaking to?  Describe him or her. Don’t be afraid to narrow too much. Who is she?

What does she want?

What does she actually need?

What scares her?

What moves her?

Who does she pay attention to? 

What does she believe in?

What already has her attention?

Who does she trust?

What could change her mind? 

What does she value?

Who has her attention?

When you know who she (or he) is, make sure you have what she needs. It won’t work to try to fit her to your product. If you don’t have something to sell your intended audience, they are not going to buy it.  I love the saying “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” 

New marketing is about connection and people and personality. Successful marketing is specific, not general. If you do it right, the people outside of your targeted audience may think you’re nuts. But that’s okay, you’ve got your own tribe. 



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