As Seen On YouTube

I picked up the newest magic hair contraption at Target, which promises the easiest way to twist hair in to a bun. Typical packaging. As Seen on T–Wait…As Seen On YouTube? If you needed more proof that marketing has forever changed, look no further.  There are over 6 billion hours of video watched every month on YouTube. That equates to about an hour for every person on Earth. And that’s 50% more than in 2012!

Does this mean that television advertising can no longer effective? Absolutely not! It just has to be done differently. All bets are off when it comes to new marketing.  Brands have an even bigger opportunity with television advertising to make a message resonate…as long as they commit to the off-air conversation just as much as the on-air message.

The challenge: marketers and agencies are going to have to dig deep and change the mind-set of what advertising really means today. Consumers are dictating what they want and marketers need to be listening and adapting quickly. TV and Digital campaigns need to blend organically and as this happens, the room for successful campaigns will grow (in a viral way).

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