Life Balance

Life-balance is not so much as a perfect balancing act but a constant awareness of the ebb and flow of the priorities in our lives.

Last week, I wrote five “go-to” tips for feeling more balanced in life. The discussion around life-balance traditional roles become more obsolete. But the assumption that everything has to be perfectly equal or your life is out of balance is absurd and quite frankly, impossible. For me, balance is less about circumstance than it is about perspective.

Different times of your life will require more focus on certain areas than others. And that’s okay. You can’t control when your focus in life needs to turn towards a sick family member or when someone in your department at works quits, leaving you to cover the bases. And you certainly can’t predict whether your significant will remember the Christmas gifts on the kitchen counter before you drive hours to visit family. But you can control the perspective that you personally bring to the challenges you are faced with.

You never know what’s coming next in life. Assume that unexpected events will occur and you’ll set yourself up to revel in the good surprises and be more prepared for the bad ones. The first way to allowing yourself more balance in life is to create some time for the unexpected. We are all too busy. We all think we can’t slow down. But when we don’t leave time for the inevitable and unpredictable, we can feel what we perceive as balance in our lives quickly slip away.

And when in doubt–when I feel like something is unintentionally off in my life–I ask myself “What am I doing for myself?” “What am I doing for the world around me?” and “What am I doing for the ones I love?” By answering those three questions, it’s easier to see when I’m sacrificing one area more for another without a specific purpose and then I readjust.

We can’t control what most of what happens in life, but we can control how we see and react to those things. True balance in life comes from that perspective.


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