Not To Do

Most of us have sat in a training session or retreat meant to revive and inspire us. These meetings often focus on the things we should be doing in order to be successful. We look at how to do more of the good stuff and we tend to put emphasis on the positive things that get the job done and move us forward in our fast-paced environments.

For everything you’ve been read or taught that outlines the things to do to achieve success, how often have you looked at the things not to do in order to achieve that same success?

It’s easy to look at the success we have had and determine that our qualities and traits–the things we’ve been doing, are directly attributed to that success. In large that’s accurate. Our successes can be attributed to the work we’ve put in and the qualities we possess. On the other hand, some of our successes are in spite of some of the things we do.

We’re trained to look more closely at positive actions because in most cases, the good gets rewarded. But what if we looked more closely at all of our traits and determined which ones were actually holding us back? Perhaps, in addition to our daily “To Do” list, we should also create a “To Stop Doing” list. Consider how much more valuable our lives could be if we were more conscious of the effects all of our actions have on others and our success.



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