Yesterday, I hit the gym for the first time after a few week hiatus due to work and health. I’m lucky enough to have a trainer that understands me and despite being out of commission for a while, the workout was grueling. And painful. And a pain in the ass. But the whole way through, I kept telling myself, ” I can be better today than I was yesterday.”

Every time my legs felt like giving out or my lungs screamed at me for their lack of training these past weeks, I knew that the effort I was putting in was helping me to become better than I was yesterday. And through that mantra, my eyes were on the higher purpose of why I was there in the first place and I not only got through the workout, mentally, I knew I rocked it. 

Life is not very accommodating. Meetings get moved, work gets piled up, kids get sick, pets have issues too and sometimes, even as you step out of bed, the morning just goes all wrong. But it doesn’t mean we should give in to the bad days or weeks, months or even years. Focus on the purpose and know that you can always be better today than you were yesterday. 

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