I found a perch–literally, a perch–atop a city bike rack during the Macy’s Parade in NYC yesterday. At a super cool 5 foot 3, I have spent most of my life looking at people’s armpits during crowded events so yesterday’s view of the parade was the foremost reason for my excitement.

Perch Macys Parade

But another really exciting thing occurred as I stood on my post yesterday, snapping pictures of the infamous Thanksgiving parade balloons and posting to Instagram. I was posting with #MacysParade and post by post, I realized, some brands were listening. Duck Dynasty, Cirque Du Soleil, New York Source…

Did every brand that participated in the parade take advantage of the more relevant than ever social media opportunity? Not even close. But the ones that did gained my attention. They showed that they were listening to the fans. They were willing to interact. In the small gesture of a ♥ on Instagram, they loved their fans back.

I really get excited by those that seize the day.

Macys Parade

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