The dry cleaner I go to is much like any other dry cleaner. “Classic Cleaners” is fast, reasonably priced and they do in fact, return clothes clean and pressed. By most measures, they are a good, reliable dry cleaner.

The separation between Classic Cleaners and the other guys begins to happen when I pull in to the parking lot. Before I even step out of the car, one of the employees inside has likely noticed. By the time I walk in the front door, someone is pulling my dry cleaning to bring it to the front desk. They know my name. And they does not mean simply the owner, the manager, or a long-term employee or two. Every employee knows my name. And they know the name of the person that just walked in before me and the one who will walk in after me.

In an environment today in which there are seemingly limitless dry cleaning options, including even using a DIY kit at home, Classic Cleaners has found a way to distinguish themselves by simply interacting with their customers on a personal level. Think of the last time a company reached out to you in that manner. Does it stick out in your mind? Could a more personal touch change the way you do business with others?

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