Why is self-discipline so elusive?

It’s mid September which means many of us made New Year’s resolutions over 9 months ago. It also means many of us haven’t actively worked on them in months and for some, haven’t even thought about them. So what is the reason that so many well-intended goals fall short of every being fully carried out? In Rory Vaden’s book Take the Stairs, he describes the three mind-sets common to those who grapple with idleness or procrastination:

Fear: “I’m scared to do it.”

Entitlement: “I shouldn’t have to do it.”

Perfectionism: “I won’t try to do it if I can’t do it right.”

All three of the above are excuses we feed ourselves when a challenge suddenly seems tougher than we envisioned. The problem with this is, timing is rarely perfect, no one HAS to do anything, that’s why passion is so important and often, challenges involving the most risk provide the most reward.

So again, it’s mid September and those 9 month-old New Year’s resolutions are still hanging out there. Maybe you’ve got resolutions from years past. Maybe you have goals that you set out to accomplish more recently that are weighing you down because you want to but haven’t moved towards them.

These are not failures. They are opportunities to do something big. It’s okay to be a little afraid and it’s certainly okay to make mistakes. The riskiest mistake you will make is the one in which you do nothing but wait for the next January 1st to try again.


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