Bob Corso“Social media is a waste of time. I am in business to do business not tweet and post to Facebook. My employees need to concentrate on their jobs, not their phones. I like to keep my work life and private life separate. I understand that there is hype around social media right now, but my customers are a different demographic. There’s no cold way to measure it, so I am not going to invest the man power in it.”

Have you heard this before from the head of a company? Perhaps you’ve said it yourself. These are all valid opinions but the fact of the matter is that truly great businesses understand that this is not a fad. Social media is not going away and engagement is here to stay.

Control freaks, here is where you have to dig deep. Whether you choose to participate or not has a direct effect on your brand. The image you carefully craft and push out to the public is not the only one that makes up your brand any longer. Your customers’ opinions are part of it and they have more ways than ever to speak their minds. So, listen up!

If someone gave you a bad review on a survey that your customer service department sent out, would you address their concerns? If a valued client gave your business card as a referral to their best friend and that friend did business with you, would you reach out to your client to thank them? Ignoring what people are saying about you on social media is just the same as ignoring surveys and referrals.

You have to join the conversation. It’s the simplest thing you can do! The truth is, the lines between work life and private life have been blurred and they rarely exist anymore. With the advancement of technology, most businesses can compete on price and product so the personal touches you deliver are what set you apart. And yes, even grandmothers are Facebook.

Stop worrying about the cold measurements for success; the charts and the numbers. Influence is powerful and you can influence people through your willingness to interact. So go on, put yourself out there and have fun with the people you work with.

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