Let It Go

If you want to focus on the future, you’ve got to put the past behind you. And that means dwelling on the little things that happen every day that knock us off our game. You’re going to make mistakes, say stupid things and upset other people. Conversely, other people are going to do things that don’t live up to your standards, offend you or make you angry. There’s a certain amount of reflection on these moments that’s imperative–if you don’t stop and think through it, you’ll gain nothing at all from the experience. But once you do have that period of reflection, let it go.

There’s a reason why there’s a major hit Disney movie dedicated to this very theme. We all tend to hold on to things longer than we should and eventually, those things will hold us back from getting better. Focus on what’s ahead, what will make you better today than you were yesterday and your own core values and standards. Don’t sacrifice your own potential by lingering longer than needed on things you cannot change. Let it go–and go.

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