Customer Service

Customers, patrons, patients, viewers, clients–for any business, these groups of people should be the #1 priority. They are the reason business exists–to serve the customers.

Online and on social media, positive and negative customer service experiences are being shared at an exponential rate. Networks such as Twitter, Google and Yelp empower people to record their experiences and share them with the world. 

I recently had a an issue with my internet service through Comcast. It took 5 phone calls, 2 visits to the store and a lot of reaching out via Twitter before they bothered to fix the issue–that was theirs, not mine! On the flip side, when Zappos sent me something wrong in my order, they not only made it right (on the first go-around), they reached out to me again to be sure I was happy and even gave me a $20 gift certificate.

Zappos often refers to themselves as a Customer Service Company that sells shoes. That’s something we should all remember. No matter if you’re your one person in a large company or if you’re running your own business–you can make a difference. I encourage you to step back and stop trying to sell people. Listen to what they’re really asking for and deliver it. And once you’ve done that, exceed their expectations by over-delivering in every way you can.

It’s much more difficult to find new customers and make them believers than it is to please the loyal ones you’ve got right there at your side. Go the extra mile for the people you work for and never forget that the customer is the focus of every extraordinary business.

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