It’s time to jump back in the marathon game or, at least that’s what I told myself this summer.  I’m a runner that needs a goal to work towards. So, I sign up for challenging races far enough out that I can build a plan and train for the right amount of time.

At the same time I decided to train for a marathon, my attention has been disproportionately directed towards some developments at work for which I am extremely passionate. Because of this, my time dedicated to running has been sporadic at best and the guilty feeling for not doing it more has become increasingly strong.

This is what I know: It’s not possible to do everything and do it all well. In our lives, there are seasons.  True balance in life is not about spending an equal amount of time and energy on every aspect but about understanding the journey we are on and accepting the challenge.

My moment of relief came when I stopped and reflected on the present, the here and now. I don’t have much time to train for a marathon right now but that’s okay because my seasons will change. Dedication requires some sacrifice and it’s something I will tell myself every day.

Focus on the journey and go where your heart takes you.

Dedication to the Journey

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