I knew it would get your attention! Hungry? Run to the kitchen and grab a bite. Or, at work, we run to the break-room and get a snack out of the machine. We are the lucky ones, blessed to able to eat what we want when we want.

This call out for help is part of an email our chief engineer at the TV station, Ed Morano, sent out to the entire staff this weekend.

There are those out there not as lucky; they rely on the neighbor’s generosity. This week the Salvation Army will run out of food…I am asking you all to help me help them. If you bring it, I will run! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE , bring me ONE (1, single, UNO) can, box or package of non perishable food product! I will come to your desk and pick it up if you would like. I will place a box in the break room. Let’s fill it and I will take it to the food drive next Saturday.

Together we can make an impact. Help me help others!

Ed is an advocate for others. Time and time again, I’ve seen him show up for others, give whatever he’s got and he’s done in teams and often on his own. His passion to help others comes across in the email. If Ed’s email has simple said “This week, the Salvation Army will run out of food so I have placed a box in the break room so everyone can donate what they can” sure, some people would have put their donations in the box. But  instead, he put himself out there, making the message that much more powerful.

There’s a degree of vulnerability that comes with passion. It’s more than just enthusiasm. When you’re truly vested in something, you give a part of yourself; you put more energy in than required.

When you truly believe, put the fear of vulnerability and exposure out of your mind. It makes no difference whether you’re asking for volunteers, selling a product, or trying to convince someone to change something in their lives, tell the story. Put your heart in to it and lay yourself on the line. Stories connect people, evoke emotion and motivate change. Passion is ambition, materialized in to action.

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