How often does fear stop you from doing something remarkable?

At a cookout recently, I spent time with a colleague’s little two and a half year-old girl. She wanted to get back in the pool after she already had been dried off and changed back in to her party clothes. Without a question or a doubt, she simply threw her clothes off, got down to her diaper, and stepped back in to the shallow part of the pool. She had an afternoon full of delight.

Kids do brilliant things. They don’t let risk stop them from trying. They don’t fear the outcome because they don’t have their own world views yet to feed those fears.

As an adult, it takes a lot more courage to strip down and expose ourselves. Our past experiences and memories contribute to our fear of things we haven’t even attempted to do yet. It’s not realistic to think we can abandon fear altogether but know it presents itself when there is something real at stake.

Expose yourself to fear and challenge what you think you already know. Remember the child in you that takes a risk because they aren’t afraid of the outcome. If there’s a great chance you could fail there’s also a great chance you could do something remarkable as well.


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