It’s a Brave New World and there are more powerful tools than ever at the average person’s reach. Here are a few ways technology has changed our lives.

  1. Google is the go to for a business phone number or address. Yellow Pages are a distant memory.
  2. Not only do we text our friends and family, we now text many business contacts.
  3. A company’s website is expected to be easily found, useful and easy.
  4. We expect an immediate response.
  5. We no longer believe that just because a company is large or has been in business for a long time, it will continue to be in business.
  6. A carbon footprint is not the only impression we leave behind. Today, even two-year olds have digital footprints.
  7. The word can be spread faster and wider about missing children thanks to Social Media.
  8. Taxes can be filed online. We can also create a will, start a business, renew our driver’s license and refinance our mortgage.
  9. Nearly anything can be bought online. There’s a good chance that we’ll get our tickets to the movie faster on our phones than by standing in line.
  10. Smart Phones have become our go-to multi-tool. Amongst other things, they are our alarm clock, wrist watch, timer, calendar, GPS, camera, notepad, shopping list, flashlight, radio, food journal, babysitter, Rolodex and even wallet. Oh yes, they make phone calls as well.
Baby at a computer

Photo Courtesy of ram reddy

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