As I set out for my Saturday morning run, I am checking to be sure the playlist I want to listen to is synced to my phone. The sky is a canvass of cloud and I’m expecting the rain to come at some point while I’m out there. The air is thick and there is a haze covering the mountains in the distance. I’m excited to crest a hill while the sun tries to burn off the fog in the distance as the sound of an electric violin symphony accompanies me on the road. My playlist for this morning is perfect for the morning free of any obligation and makes me feel alive.

Music is all-encompassing. It’s part of my most vivid memories and I’ve got soundtracks that match certain times of my life. Some songs remind me of my strength and others my vulnerability. I can still remember the oldies my dad would play when I was young, the ones we sang aloud together in his car. Boyz II Men brings me back to my first school dance and I’ve got a very specific playlist in my mind that got me through the training of my first marathon. And there is of course, the White Stripes album I play now to get ready for a big presentation.

For me, I’ve leaned on music to full the things I’m passionate about. I can’t imagine a day with out a beat to match my mood. What part has music played in your life?

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