WorryWorry. It starts with one pest of a thought. Then it multiplies in to a bunch of pestering thoughts. Before you know it there’s a hurricane in your head causing  you to think irrationally and depleting both your physical and mental energy.

None of us are immune to worry and it can have a powerful, detrimental effect on our lives and happiness. But there are ways to get better at quelling worry when it starts to brew.

The next time you start to worry, ask yourself:

Is it in my control?

Is it likely going to actually happen?

Am I thinking straight?

Will my worry change the outcome?

And then take a good step back from the situation. Refocus on the present moment, do something calming and good for your mind and body like taking a walk, don’t try to guess what other’s think and remember that the future is highly unpredictable, so for the most part, worry is pointless.

Easier said than done, but I promise, if you practice, you’ll worry less…or at least in a more constructive way!

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