So you started out the day with every intent on having a great one. But that quickly faded and by 9am your positivity was walking out the door. How do you keep things in perspective when you’re in the thick of things? It’s one of the greatest challenged.

I am always amazed how I can feel one way about something unfavorable that has happened or bad news when I’m in the moment and then be so much more at ease with it just hours later. Which is exactly why I constantly have to remind myself to take a step back and regain some perspective, or, in other words, keep it real.

How to Keep It Real: Start Here:

  1. Take a step back. Breathe. Don’t make any rash decisions. Give it at least a few minutes (if that’s all you can spare) but the more time the better.
  2. Then ask yourself:
    • How important is this in the overall scheme of life?
    • Compared to all of the things that have happened, are happening, and could happen in my life – how bad is this?
    • Is this impact long-term or temporary?
  3. Although the pain may not fail like it’s short-term, in many cases, it is. If you learn to deal with the things that cause short-term pain in a constructive way, you’ll be better equipped for the serious and long-term situations when they arise.
  4. Gain perspective. If you got in a car accident and your vehicle was totaled, that’s going to cost you time and money but how does that compare to a cancer diagnosis? If your relationship is ending, the pain might be excruciating but you will recover and life will go on. And those even those examples are on a grander scale than most of the day-to-day pains we are exposed to. Again, put them in to perspective.

Look for the bright spots. There is always a flip side–always. You may not believe it at the moment, it may not be where you want to focus, but there is another perspective. Sometimes it just takes a little space, time and reflection. And maybe a cup of tea…


Photo Cred: FutureShape

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