It’s amazing. No matter how many times I remind myself not to get caught up in the little stuff, at some point, I stop, take a breath and realize that I’ve done just that once again. Most people can relate to the feeling–head spinning, spirit discouraged, and mental capacity diminishing. Your body feels like you’ve been hit by a truck as it tries to compensate for your brain that’s on overdrive.

And it’s at that very moment that I always ask myself why I even spend so much time reflecting and writing about focus, forward motion and letting go if I’m just going to get caught up in the minutia of things.

But it’s that very thought–that question that I ask myself–that reminds me why. There’s something else I dedicate a lot of consideration to: imperfection. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect but not only that not possible, it’s boring.  So yes, I’m going to get wrapped up in the little stuff–over and over–because that’s just the way I’m programmed.

How we react when we get caught up in the imperfections of life shapes us going forward. It’s not that we should never get stuck focusing too much on the details that we forget the overall purpose. But when that happens, our ability to identify it quickly and refocus means everything. It can define our sanity, our success and our happiness.

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