Right out of college, I bought my first car; a gold VW Jetta. I have always preferred to do things “differently” and at the time, not many people drove gold VW Jetta.

That’s what I thought.

The day I drove off the lot, gold VW Jetta started popping up like Dandelions everywhere I went. I must have been on the forefront of the trend….

Really, I’d been looking at reality through my personal “lens.” Gold VW Jetta weren’t common to me until I had one.  People believe what they tell themselves is true.

I try to remind myself of the millions of gold VW Jetta that were on the road long before I had mine.  I also like to think of all of the other cars, ones I have not owned, that I still haven’t really noticed but are dominating the roads. Just because they weren’t or aren’t in my personal line of sight does not mean that they aren’t there.

It’s a talent to be able to convince someone else of your point of view. Rhetoric can be powerful and for a while, people may follow. But, it’s often more remarkable to let go of expectations and opinions and to see the many absolute truths, each governing our own interactions with the world. Lots of people drive Green Nissan Sentras too.


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