No Fly Duck MTS Creates

Have you ever had an opportunity pass you by because you decided to remain comfortable? 

The Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, told a parable about a wild duck and the danger of settling. There was a duck who flying north in the springtime with his flock. He came across a barnyard with tame ducks during the flight so he stopped and ate some of their corn. The duck enjoyed the corn so he decided to stay. Time passed and hours became days, days became weeks and weeks became months. He liked the food and comfort of the barnyard, so eventually, he decided to stay. The summer passed and on crisp autumn day, the duck looked up and saw his flock passing overhead. It excited him to hear their call and spread his wings to fly up and join them.

The duck had enjoyed too much food and he found that he could no longer fly up in the sky with his flock. He turned his gaze from the sky and said to himself, “I don’t mind so much that I can’t fly with them. It’s safe here and I have lots of food.” Still, each spring and fall, he would see his old flock fly overhead and a feeling inside him would stir. He would flap his wings and quickly give up, turning his attention back to the food in his yard. Eventually, he hardly noticed the old flock at all. 

Change is not the real risk after all. The risk is in staying the same. Complacency is a dangerous thing. 


Illustration courtesy of MTS Creates. Thanks to Beth Taylor, for the valuable input.

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