Earlier this week, I got the special opportunity to sit down with a group of key employees of a client that I have worked closely with for years. Our objective for the meeting was to discuss and explore ways to take the interactions between the business and its customers to the next level, with Social Media being at the core of this first discussion.

There are a few things that I know absolutely to be true about the current business climate. 1) We have more options than ever for products to choose and businesses to work with. 2)The ways in which we all communicate are have changed drastically. 3) Now, more than ever, we seek to be heard and to engage.

The group in the meeting this week was diverse. Some have been using social media, some have not. Some have already been interacting with the business through their social media and others have not. The level of experience and understanding of how social media is integrated in to our lives varied drastically as well.

The singular thing every person in that room had in common was their passion for the company they work for and the pride in the jobs they do.

Social Media and all that comes with it can be very confusing. One of the nicest things about it though, is that perfection is not required. We spent about an hour talking about the customers of the business and how to engage them through social media. In the end, it’s all about beginning the discussion between ourselves (both individually and the groups, organizations and companies we represent) and our audience (friends, customers, family, followers). Before the end of the day, everyone in that meeting had quickly begun to experiment with some of the new processes we discussed. It was a powerful reminder of why I am so passionate about the interactions I work endlessly to have every day with people.

When you truly care about what you do, it’s not always about the skills you bring to the table, it’s about the passion.

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