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Social media has changed our world. One of the best things about it is that it gives people the forum to put themselves out there more. Yes, it can also be seen as a digital curtain that some will hide behind but there are plenty of people finding the courage to be more real and reveal more of their authentic selves with every tweet, every post and every snapshot.

Social media facilitates the connections between like-minded people and has led to the creation of many online forums that foster compassion, innovation and encouragement.  It has provided the space for people who once may have felt to be the “odd man out” in the world so they can connect with others and feel a part of something real.

So now that it’s changed us all personally, what does this mean for business?

It’s evidence of the obvious shift away from selling people and towards creating real, genuine connections with them.

This type of communication is all about content and using that content to create actual human connections. It lends brands the opportunity to show people who they are as opposed to simply what they do.


And now, the big question–How should businesses do it and do it right? 


Know your customers. Know who they are and know what they want. And then, respond to their needs. Listen to the conversations of your potential custom

ers and then provide the solution to their problems. Don’t just hear what you want to hear either. Listen to it all–the good and the bad. People are talking and they want to be heard. Be the one that hears them.

-Be Real, Reachable And Human

People want to interact with people not enterprises. You’re listening to your customers and you know what they want. Now show them that you’re capable of adapting based on their needs. Social Media 101

-Remember, It’s Not About The Product, It’s About People

People want to belong. They want to engage and be heard and they want to feel understood. Sure, your product is important but they want to feel as though it’s about them, not the product.

It does not matter if the business you work for is a small local business, a national non-profit or a branch of a major corporation–the thing that people are looking for is the same everywhere–engagement. The businesses that listen, adapt, reach out and allow customer’s to shape their brand have a phenomenal opportunity to create a tribe of people that will follow and essentially become ambassadors for their brand.  


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