I love the challenge of physical activity. It’s my joy to take it past the point where most people dare to go. I like to get up and run at 5am because running, for me, is never easy but when I do it, I get to see the sunrise over our town. I continue to train and compete in triathlons, even though I have to conquer my fear of the swim every time I touch the water. And, to me, there is no greater feeling than the complete exhaustion I get after a workout with my trainer, who literally has to mop the floor after me.

Sure, I’d be happy to have the extra time to sleep in or relax at night but the real gain always happens for me when I push myself past the point of what I thought I could do and it’s always the last bit of extra effort that really pays off. And it’s what I do after I pass the point of exhaustion that makes everything before it worth it.

As I crested a hill this morning, in awe of the sun that was rising to melt the fog wrapped around the distant mountains, I realized that I wouldn’t have known the difference if I stayed in bed. That’s what makes the extra effort so powerful and liberating for all aspects of life. It always takes me beyond what I once thought was good enough and reveals there’s always something more to do.

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