I am a woman. 

I believe in empathy, caring, giving. I believe in serving and empowering others. It does not mean I cannot negotiate or make tough decisions.

Once, just before a business meeting,  a client joked that he was just waiting for me to come in and say I’m pregnant. We’ve never discussed my personal life in that manner. I realized he was saving the business conversation for my male colleagues who were soon to arrive.

I wear skirts. And heels. I paint my nails and have a penchant for bright colors. And I am damn good at my job. If that last statement makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why.

I know how to turn the other cheek–to look the other way and go on doing what I do. I know that people don’t always think about the stereotypes they uphold. I’m able to ignore it and get the job done. But I also know that I have a little sister and two small nieces that are watching what I do.

They should not have to learn to get the job done in spite of being a woman. I want them to celebrate every iota of who they are. I want them to know it’s not about being a man or a woman–it’s about being authentic and real and spectacular.

Let’s not shield girls from how unbalanced the world can be. Let’s show them how to blow it all up, cut through the bullshit and lead a remarkable life.

Let’s not settle.

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