It does not matter how great an idea is if it never sees the light of day. The key to success is implementation not perfection. When you’ve got an idea, work fast, develop it and launch it.  Launch with passion not perfection. Passion involves a transfer of energy and momentum.

There used to be value in delaying a new product/idea/process until all details were worked out. Even as recent as 5 years ago, ideas were not spread as quickly as they are now. The problem with that model now is that by the time the final concept is launched, someone else in the marketplace has already presented another solution or has created their own version of your idea. We have millions of choices and we notice the remarkable not the perfect. The luxury of having limitless time to launch just does not exist anymore; someone else will beat you and the market will move on.

Boring is built with hesitation, complacency and nostalgia. If you believe that the biggest risk is doing something that could fail or revealing it before it’s been perfected, be ready to remain mediocre. If your business model looks the same as it did five, ten, fifteen years ago, opportunities are passing you by.

The future will not look like the past so let go of the illusion that you can predict it. Create, engage and launch, make your mistakes, adjust, launch some more and see what happens.

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