I just took my last walk with the dogs for awhile because today, I’m having foot surgery. It’s been a weird mental process leading up to the surgery as I’ve not been able to envision what an autumn without being able to move freely as I please would look like.

There will be no hiking in the mountains, daily walks with the dogs or even my normal workouts in the gym for awhile. I certainly won’t be hitting the 10,000 steps-a-day goal that I’ve set my FitBit to. And from this all, I’ve let the worry about the things I won’t be able to do get in the way of the joy and gratefulness of the things I will be able to do.

It’s easy to lose perspective when faced with someone out of the ordinary. Maybe slowing down and keeping still won’t be such a bad thing. I’ll have a lot more time to write and finish up some of the books on my reading list. I can finally organize all of the thousands of pictures I’ve taken this year and perhaps I’ll even paint something (in my kindergarten style).

There’s always a silver lining. It just depends on how you look at the world.

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