Motivation is what drives us to learn a language, go the extra mile for a client or to get up early in the morning to workout. Motivation by itself is just an energetic promise unless there is follow-through. Motivation is filled with emotion and follow-through is filled with rationale, hard word and likely some grit.

The key to utilizing motivation is to create a detailed plan to get to the end-goal, one that demands accountability along the way. With a specific plan in place, you’ll be much more likely to learn Italian/help your client get more patients/run a 5k. The visions you have become less of a dream when you create a course of action to get there.

I have wanted for a long time now to start writing again. I didn’t just set that goal in 2013, it’s something I have wanted to get back to for some time. I hadn’t accomplished this in the last years because I had no detailed plan and didn’t hold myself accountable.

What’s different now? I created a plan for myself to write everyday, whether it be a blog, a post for a client, or in a notebook. I created a process to compliment my motivation to write. I committed to the follow-through. Without a plan for my motivations, I’d be left with a lot of empty promises.


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