I heard someone describe a “win-win situation” just the other day and it made me laugh. There are plenty of clichés used in business that have little meaning due to their overuse. What are some of the most obvious ones to you?

You’ve got to think outside of the box

Really? This has been so overused it actually may be more en vogue to think inside of the box at this point. But why is there always a box?

Best Practices

Generally a list that describes the superior way of doing things versus the mediocre way. Be careful following too many manuals. There’s always the risk of getting stuck doing what’s already been done.

Move the Needle

This is an analogy for what happens when positive results are achieved. I’m guilty of contributing to the overuse of this phrase. It’s definitely lost that valuable sparkle.


The title implies the person knows everything about whatever he or she is the Guru of. There’s always more to learn.

Marketing Expert

This one hits really close to home for me. Like Guru, this is typically a self-proclaimed title. Marketing is changing rapidly along with the ways we all want to communicate. If someone really provides good marketing advice, they likely think of themselves less of an expert and more of a constantly curious student.

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