Naked in New York City on Social Media

You’re stripped down, bare naked, standing in front of hundreds of people. You feel exposed and vulnerable and you wish you had a curtain to hide behind or, at the very least, a blanket to wrap yourself in.  And the funny part is, you decided to drop it all and walk out there in the first place…

I have clients who feel like participating fully in social media is like volunteering for the above and who would do that? They reminisce of the private the world we once lived in. And they are right. Social media can feel exposing. But it’s the way we connect with each other and if we don’t take any risks, we are missing out on awesome opportunities.

Even though social media does give us the opportunity to bare it all, remember, we still control how much of ourselves we want to expose. By participating fully, we speak for ourselves instead of waiting for others to speak about us. It takes some time and consistency, but it’s not complicated.

A little bit, everyday, can help us connect with our audience and build genuine loyalty and loyal followers are far more likely to forgive us when we do make mistakes than those who have reached out but gotten ignored.

We all want to feel included and connected. Social media provides those opportunities. Perfection is not a requirement and actually, feels contrived and unbelievable. So, what’s a great business guideline for social media? Stop over-thinking it and just do it. Do a little bit, everyday, have fun, be real and use your best judgement. You don’t have to be naked in Times Square to be in the game.


Photo Courtesy of filipe brandão

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