I came across a list of nineteen hundred and ninety things that belong to the 1990’s via Huffington Post. For the record, “they” also state that these are things that should be left behind. I am not in agreement. Sure Blues Clues definitely had it’s creepiness factor but who would want to forever forget Zach Morris?!

I’ll just tempt you with a few segments from this amazing list. Enjoy! 

Nintendo Nostalgia








1. Scrunchies

13. “The Powerpuff Girls”

16. “The X-Files”

17. Rosie O’Donnell

18. Bill Nye

19. “Dawson’s Creek”

20. The Mighty Ducks”

21. “Are You Afraid of the Dark”

49. Corey and Topanga

50. Mr. Ratburn

51. Ring Pops

52. “The Magic School Bus”

160. “Dexter’s Laboratory”

161. “Care Bears”

162. Ashley Spinelli

163. “Pinky and the Brain”

164. Tori Spelling

347. Rob Schneider

348. “Party of Five”

349. “Xena”

582. “Romeo + Juliet”

625. “The Wedding Singer”

708. “There’s Something About Mary”

709. “Urban Legend”

710. Emilio Estevez

906. Mazzy Star

907. “Da Funk” – Daft Punk

952. Eve 6

953. Cake

954. Spin Doctors

1348. “The Face on the Milk Carton”

1349. “Sin City”

1426. Dial-up Internet

1427. Beepers

1428. Cassette tapes

1429. Walkmans

1447. Satellite TV

1686. “OMG”

1687. “What’s the dillio?”

1688. “Yoink!”

1689. “M’kay”

1690. “You can’t handle the truth!”

1691. “If you want great take-out without the calories, make it a Blockbuster night”

1696. “I know you are but what am I?”

1844. Laser pointers

1845. Magic: The Gathering

1846. Puppy/Kitty Surprise

Get the full list here on the Huffington Post

Nintendo Nostalgia Illustration via MTSCreates

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