RainbowMy friend runs 20 miles at a time. I do this when training for a marathon. She does it for fun. I enjoy getting up at 4am and when I get to work after working on email for a few hours, my coworkers think I’m nuts. Another friend of mine drinks 4 to 5 gallons of water a day. I know someone who’s family holds hands and sings a song before dinner every evening. Do you remember being asked what your favorite color is a lot when you were small? I always answered rainbow, because I couldn’t discriminate against any color.

What’s normal to me may seem nuts to you. Your normal may seem unimaginable to someone else. Yet we often judge ourselves for our eccentricities and think we should regulate or become more like the rest of the group.

Normal is an illusion. 

There is no such thing as fitting in. If you think there is, you will forever be on that quest. Everyone has passions and quirks. If you hide yours for the sake of conformity, it may feel safe, but you’re actually risking happiness in the long run. It takes far more energy chasing someone else’s normal than it does to brave showing your own. 

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