Fund My iPhone

Where’s your phone? Check your back pocket. On the desk you’re sitting at? Maybe it’s in your hands because you’re reading this right now on it. Chances are, you know exactly where your phone is and it’s pretty close to you right now.

Now look around you (unless you’re alone…your cat doesn’t qualify as not being alone). If you are around people, what are many of them doing? Once again, I’m hedging my bets on the fact that many of the people around you have their hands on their phones as well. They’re texting or fitting in a quick session of “Candy Crush.” Or maybe they’re checking emails. Or posting a selfie to Instagram. Or tweeting.

There are over 325 million mobile subscriptions in the US alone. Are you thinking about marketing in the mobile space yet?

  1. 1. Mobile ads perform 4 to 5 times better than online ads for key metrics such as brand favorability, awareness and purchase intent. (Neilson)
  2. 70 percent of mobile searches lead to action within one hour. (MobileMarketer)
  3. Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons. (Go Mobile)
  4. The Weather Channel gets 600% to 700% higher click-through rates on mobile display ads over desktop banners. (MobileMarketer)
  5. In 2013, mobile phones have overtaken PCs as the most common web access devices worldwide. (Gartner)
  6. 42% of people on tablets use them at the same time they’re also watching TV. (Nielson)
  7. 74% of people use their mobile phone while shopping. 79%  of that group make a purchase as a result of their search. (MobileMarketer)
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