Yesterday, I weighed in on a blog about the need to become a Jack of All Trades these days, especially in the customer service industry. I’ll apologize now, this is my morning of clichés. What I really mean is not that it’s necessary for anyone to become a Jack of all Trades, but to know all the tricks of one’s trade.

 Trades have changed. Careers in the service industry, including marketing, broadcasting, journalism are far more multi-faceted than they once were. Business, communication and engagement is  more complex than ever. The 1900’s model of the factory line driven world doesn’t exist as we knew it any longer. 

To be a great leader, to develop a great company, to stand out in a world of plenty, it’s necessary to go all in, and to commit to learning constantly of the innovations of our trades. We will be forever students. 

 Photo Courtesy of Duane Schoon

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