Are you a peddler or a partner? Are you a vendor or a trusted advisor? Do you have a pitch or a package to sell before you walk in a client’s door or do you dedicate time to understanding their business before you ever brainstorm a solution to their problems?

To be remarkable and to stand out in today’s world of selling, concentrate on the customer, not the sale. If you start with the problems, challenges and issues of the clients you are working to reach, amazing things will happen.

Good sales people meet their quotas, earn a decent paycheck and go home at the end of their shift. Successful people who happen to be in sales have a passion for change and results; they engage themselves in the worlds of their clients. They look through the client’s lens, adopt their challenges and problems, understand their fears and evaluate their goals and objectives. They put themselves last in the relationship, creating a bond that is hard to break. They do what other sales people will not and they are remarkable for it.

If you want to be more than one of the many, many, many salespeople, focus on the process and not the outcome. Learn that the immediate reward of a quick financial gain will not necessarily pay off in the long run. If your product does not fit the needs of your client, it takes courage to change it. Slow down and create a solution not a pitch. You should never sell something you don’t believe in. Unless, as I said before, you don’t mind being a peddler working for a paycheck. In that case, you can complain about it right after you clock out at 5:01pm.

If you sell something to your customer just to sell it, understand that what you have accomplished is your own short-term goal. Rest assured, time will pass, the client’s needs and objectives still will be unmet and eventually, someone better, smarter and more passionate will step in, leaving you nostalgic for the client you once had the opportunity to make a difference for.


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