I'm Sorry

When a customer experiences a problem with our service or product, it’s up to us to provide thoughtful response, attention and an apology. It’s up to us to see the situation from his or her point of view and it’s up to us to take full responsibility. 

The problem is, when something goes wrong, our gut reaction is to fix it quickly then down play the whole thing. Even worse, we often blame it on external factors or another department and then take the credit for the fix. 

The next time something goes wrong, apologize in a big way. Be human. Let the client know you understand the mistake and that you–YOU–are going to go above and beyond to rectify the situation. It was not another department’s mistake, it was not the weather, it was not a fluke, it was not the company’s problem. And even if it was, it does not matter. You are the solution provider and you will make it right.

Ultimately, the real opportunities lie not within never making mistakes, but with the way we deal with mistakes after they happen. We’re in a connection society and everybody wants to feel they have been heard. 

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