There’s no doubt that emotions have a physical effect on the body. We get scared; we feel stiff, weak and cold throughout the body. We get angry; we get hot and dizzy, our hearts pound heavily. We get nervous; we feel jittery and our hearts race.

The instances are countless in which I didn’t make an active decision on how I would deal with a situation and consequently the emotions that accompanied my perception of the problem really got the best of me. Making that conscious decision is a really tough to do in the thick of things, but failure to do so takes a heavy toll on the mind and body.

Once I read that there are 3 options that provide us the space to move forward when it comes to taking control of our emotions, decisions, actions and to can let go of the hold our emotions have on us long-term.

  1. Confront the problem and create a resolution. The key: stick with the decision.
  2. Compromise on the problem. The key: live with the decision.
  3. Actively choose to ignore the problem. The key: move on–be at peace with this decision and remember that it was your own.

Some situations are more difficult to resolve than others. But one constant is that while we can’t control what other people say, feel, think or do, we can control how we react to the situation. The more actively I practice this, the more I recognize just how much impact my control of emotions, or lack thereof, affect my overall well-being.

There’s a new year beginning and many of us are setting goals to grow and become better than we were the year before. It feels like a great time to adopt a “shake it off” philosophy and choose to control our emotions more instead of letting them control more of us.

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