Get Wet TriathlonA few years ago, I decided to start training for the sport of triathlon. I’ve always been a runner and I’ve found that I can excel at biking when I log the hours. What I also found is that I do not like swimming. My coach told me I could be a decent swimmer but I let my own fears get to me and every time I hit the water for a race, I panicked.

Eventually, I slowed down in the amount of training and races I was doing because I was so discouraged by my disinterest in swimming. At some point, I realized how much I missed the challenge. It made me think about some of the chances people miss out on in life because they are too worried about the outcome. They miss the experience altogether because of their anxiety of completing the task.

I’ve always been a big proponent of imperfection. Failure is going to happen–it’s inevitable. It’s how we deal with those failures that make us who we are. In thinking about my triathlon training, I realized that I was too focused on the finish line and the pain it was going to take to get there rather than the experience I would have along the way. Sometimes, the goal is not always the end-product. Sometimes, the goal should be simply just to get wet…

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