Children have regular scheduled time in school for creation and when they are making Play-Dough pizzas or building sand castles, they are certainly not worrying about getting to nap-time on schedule or writing thank you notes for their birthday presents. They give 100% of their energy to the moment to dream and create. Through play, they grow.

Meanwhile, in our world, there are fires to put out, emails, phone calls, emails, meetings, emails…ever populating and never-ending. It’s easy to lose drive when we spend most of our time reacting.

If you’re like me, you may find yourself spinning the wheel like a hamster doing all of “necessary” tasks to get the job done. Although theses things may truly be important, they don’t fill us with passion and motivation. Creation does. Every day, we should reserve time to feel free and to create.  Creation is an important element to success.

Here are four tips for how to be sure creation is a part of your life:

Reserve Time to Create When Energy is at its Peak

Are you a morning person? Make time for the most important things in the morning. Maybe you focus better in the afternoon. Choose to set aside time to create when your energy is at its peak. Then create. Take the ideas, concepts and passions you have and put them to work. It doesn’t have to be a major project each time, it just has to evoke the passion inside you.

Schedule the Time and Show Up Mentally

It’s easy to say you’re going to create today but it’s a hard promise to keep to yourself when the inevitable flood of busy tasks pile up by mid-morning. Schedule the time for yourself. Treat it like an important business meeting. Do not miss it. And when you get to that appointment, show up mentally. Forget about the emails, calls to return, the next thing to check off your to-do list. Live in the moment and you will get so much more out of it.


It’s important to do all of the above. It’s equally important to allow some time to dream. Yesterday, I had the best meeting at work at the end of the day. In it, we simply dreamed. We passionately talked about the future of our company and industry. We discussed how we could set some of the ideas in motion. 

Finding the time to create can be hard, especially when there are other things more obvious that need to get done. But those things will always be there. It is so powerful to live in the moment and to put the things we think are necessary in to perspective. Is it more important to complete one more task, answer one more email or to create a future of passion and innovation?


More illustrations at MTSCreates

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