Pinterest Etiquitte You can find nearly anything on Pinterest. Need a recipe for tomorrow’s brunch with friends? Check. DIY project to keep the kids busy? Check. Want to check out pictures of abandoned roller coasters in China. Check. But in today’s environment where content is so accessible, the lines for content sharing can seem a bit fuzzy. Here are a few Pinterest savvy tips.

  • The images on Pinterest have owners! Don’t take images from Pinterest and use them on your own site for any purpose without getting permission from the original owner of the image.
  • Don’t download pictures from the web and pin them as your own.
  • Do provide the source for the link and content description when pinning. Pins are the most useful when they link back to the original source.
  • If a pin is not sourced properly, don’t re-pin it. Comment on the pin so the person who posted it can correct the sourcing.
  • Look for the Pin-It buttons on other websites. Those buttons are a great indication that the originator of that material wants you to share.
  • Don’t just re-pin other people’s pins. Try to contribute some of your own unique content as well.

Pin Happy! Pin-Etitquette Design by MTS Creates. 

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