“It is the people who figure out how to work simply in the present, rather than the people who mastered the complexities of the past, who get to say what happens in the future.” –Author Clay Shirky

1. The most risky choice is the safe one.

2. Perfection is not a requirement.

3. The world is full of critics. It’s easier to edit than it is to initiate. You should not let that stop you from creating.

4. School teaches us to follow a pre-defined set of guidelines to measure success. It’s called Standardized Testing for a reason.

Standard: something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example : criterion <quite slow by today’s standards>

5. Most people believe they need permission to initiate change. If change had a manual, it wouldn’t be change. Give yourself permission.

6. Twitter is deceptively simple.

7.  Extraordinary marketing speaks to the right people and makes them feel special and understood. When marketing lines up with the audience, it’s obvious.

8. People like to know what they know; it’s comfortable.

9. If not enough people doubt you, you’re not making a difference.

10. If it is not broken, break and it and do it better. Refer to Belief #1.



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