VulnerabilityOften, the very traits we admire in others and view as courage, are the ones that, when we exhibit them, feel like vulnerability. But when there is something big at risk, something we truly believe in, we are often required to put ourselves out there. It’s typical to fear that we might not please others, which can leave us feeling exposed.

So how do we handle the little voice inside our heads that tells us that we are unsure andĀ can’t be certain the outcome will be what we had in mind in the first place?

Live in the moment. Of course, our past experiences will play some role in our points of view. And we certainly can’t predict the outcomes of the future. Living in the moment is not about ignoring the past or present. It’s about acknowledging them and then understanding that they have little to do with the here and now.

The best way for us to treat our own vulnerability as courage is be present and know that the only thing we can control is what we think at this very moment. Take a moment and breathe. Positive realignment goes a long way.

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